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We've created a cheaper and fairer way to borrow money by giving you access to the money you've already earnt but not yet been paid.

No Interest. No Penalties. Ever.

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Introducing Earnt.It

The on demand pay check is here. Access your pay whenever you need it for a fair one off fee.

On demand pay

Access your pay as soon as you’ve worked with no interest, penalties or hidden costs.

  • Cashout up to £100 per day
  • Pay a small fee to use the service
  • When you get paid, Earnt.It will deduct the amount you cashed out.

How it works


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Connect your bank

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Cash out when you need it

During the month, borrow from us and pay back at your next payday.

People first

Our mission is to help millions of people get to a much better place financially.
Millions of people live pay check to pay check, often relying on payday loans, overdrafts and high interest credit cards to cover gaps between when you get paid and pay your bills.

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